Bred for Taste and to Impress

Crème Royale is the brand name given to a potato variety that has been bred & selected with the consumer in mind, to have a waxy texture which produces a nice “feel” in the mouth as well as having good flavour attributes enhancing their eating quality, with visual characteristics of regular shape with smooth skins and clear colour

The variety emanates from the renowned HZPC breeding & development programme in Holland one of the world’s largest and successful potato breeders and creators of Desiree, HZPC varieties are distinctive by being highly resistant to disease & drought whilst producing high yields with an absence of deep eyes and variable internal quality. Refer to our links section for further information on HZPC. Environmental sustainability with attributes of higher yields from similar inputs of nutrients and water over mainstream potato varieties will translate into commercial viability and value for the Coles customer and viability for Australian growers.

Background and progress to date

A consortium of two Australian owned growers & packers (Red Gem based in Victoria and Harvest Moon based in Tasmania), have combined resources to develop and grow this variety throughout all states in Australia (excluding WA where the varieties are the responsibility of Western Potatoes).

Development has been in progress since 2007, from micro tubers to mini tubers to potato seed on Kangaroo Island for isolation then on to mainland Australia for ware produce. Trial volumes became available throughout 2010 with more commercial volumes available in 2011. Coles and their selected growers are now committed to providing Coles customers with Crème Royale year round from late 2012 onwards.  We trust you will find the wait has been worthwhile and we trust you will enjoy the eating experience, Bon Appetite.



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