The Crème Royale Facts – The Farmers

Coles and RedGem Management at Hillston Farm

Hillston Farm

On Hillston farm, a 1,200 hectare potato farm in central NSW some 680 kilometres west of Sydney, where the rich red soil provides ideal growing conditions for the Coles new unearthed potato variety Crème Royale.

Pictured is the Coles National buying team and the Red Gem (farm owners) management team inspecting the high tuber numbers per plant which is a game changer over current brushed varieties.

Higher yields from similar inputs from Crème Royal over traditional brushed potato varieties combined with great taste will ensure Coles customers great produce at value for money prices and viability for growers.

Hillston farm supplying Coles for 10 years will provide some 8,000 ton of Crème Royal to Coles over its two growing periods per annum.

Gembrook Farms

Gembrook Farms

Wickham Farms Killarney Queensland is an Australian owned and third generation family operated company, who specialise in the supply of fresh loose and pre-packed potatoes with a high emphasis on superior quality and delivery of fresh produce to consumers in Queensland and New South Wales.

Their food safety and quality management systems ensure compliance with recognized industry standards by being Fresh care Code of Practice Food Safety 3rd Edition, Codex Alimentations HACCP and Coles quality approved.

With properties located in strategic positions including Killarney, Warwick, Gatton, Bundaberg and Atherton Tablelands, Wickham Farms in Queensland, is able to harvest their own potatoes 12 months of the year – ensuring a premium product.

Wickham Farms Killarney Queensland

Principle Growers are:

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