Taste Test

In August 2011 the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) a research division of Primary Industries and Resources SA Government, was commissioned to conduct sensory evaluation and consumer acceptability across the range of mainstream brushed potato varieties, available. These included Sebago, Golden Delight, Eureka Gold and the new Crème Royale varieties.

The procedure applied was in accordance with AS 2542.2.3 – 1988 for Rating Tests. Two separate sessions were held over one day to which 30-40 consumers completed each session. In the first session, potatoes were presented boiled, roasted and micro-waved. Potatoes were mashed and baked in the following session. Each cooking method was presented separately on a tray for all varieties. Potato samples were served in three-digit coded plastic cups and assessed under white light in individual booths. Serving order was randomised so that samples were given an equal chance of being presented first. Products were prepared immediately before consumers arrived and were served slightly warm. A seven point rating scale from extremely poor (1) to excellent (7) was used. The sum of these four attributes then gave a total degree of liking score (overall score). The results are as follows:

Crème Royale is voted the best and a great all rounder

  • Roasted
  • Baked
  • Mashed
  • Boiled
  • Microwaved

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